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My f**k ups while building a SaaS with Flutter

· 3 min read

I wanted to share my mistakes to show you that building a SaaS can be messy, especially when you're still learning. These were short-term errors, but I quickly learned from each experience and became a better developer because of it. I hope this inspires you guys to go out there and build something!

Right now, the app brings in roughly $800 per month, with most of that money coming in as profit. I'm putting it on maintenance mode for now while I focus on my next venture: helping developers become founders.

How to Get Paid in Flutter with Stripe

· 5 min read


This is my guide on the fastest way to get paid with Stripe and Flutter. I'll walk through step-by-step instructions on how I set up stripe integration, how I associate purchases (subscriptions & one-time payments) with users, and how I keep track of all of that within Supabase. Afterwards, I'll talk about the review process and how to tip-toe around the strict AppStore rules.

Flutter Riverpod is Not Complicated - Getting Started with Riverpod

· 6 min read


There seems to be a lot of confusion with Riverpod and the way it is used. Admittedly the documentation is lacking. And for someone getting started, there are many decisions to be made like:

  • Should I use code-generation?
  • How many providers should I create?
  • What should be contained in each provider?

Because of this adaptability, it can become very confusing for someone just getting started. I'm creating this blog post to lay some ground rules that I set for myself when using riverpod. If you're getting started with riverpod, following these rules will be a good starting point.

Flutter vs React - Building a Startup on the Web

· 4 min read


Flutter for web has evolved significantly in the past few years and in this post I wanted to give a comprehensive comparison between using Flutter vs React for developing web apps specifically. I've used both Flutter and React for startups so I have a good sense of both.

Anyways, the most important thing in startups is iteration speed. The ability to quickly build a product, get customer feedback, and iterate is the thing that sets apart the good startups and the dead startups. Now in my opinion, a good framework (for startups), is one that enables you to iterate as fast as possible. With that knowledge, let's dive into why I think Flutter wins in almost all aspects.

Why Flutter is the Best Framework for Startups

· 7 min read


Through the years, I've come to realize that in the startup world, speed isn't just an advantage—it's the lifeline. As a former CTO of a YC-backed startup, having launched more than five apps—with the latest one hitting over $10K in revenue in under three months—I've witnessed the undeniable power of rapid iteration. This ability to quickly build, launch, gather feedback, and refine is what really distinguishes the seasoned entrepreneurs from the novices. It's what makes or breaks a startup.

With this in mind, I've found that Flutter stands out as the best tool for achieving quick iterations. In this blog post, I dive deep into why I believe in Flutter's capabilities. I'll share insights from my current startup's workflow using Flutter, discuss some challenges I've encountered along the way, and outline precisely why I consider it a superior choice for any startup looking to move quickly and efficiently.

Solopreneur SaaS Toolkit: My Tech Stack as a former CTO of a YC backed startup

· 2 min read


Hi! My name is Matt. I'm a former CTO of a YC backed startup and I've built 2 apps in the past that have both generated over $10K USD of revenue.

Before moving onto my third startup, I wanted to take a step back, reflect on what I've done and create a good base for future startups. Which is why I've decided to write down my tech stack and create some boilerplate code for my future startups. I hope sharing this can help you build your startup!

Github Boilerplate Code