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Solopreneur SaaS Toolkit: My Tech Stack as a former CTO of a YC backed startup

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Hi! My name is Matt. I'm a former CTO of a YC backed startup and I've built 2 apps in the past that have both generated over $10K USD of revenue.

Before moving onto my third startup, I wanted to take a step back, reflect on what I've done and create a good base for future startups. Which is why I've decided to write down my tech stack and create some boilerplate code for my future startups. I hope sharing this can help you build your startup!

Github Boilerplate Code



Design & UX

Analytics & Monitoring

Communications & Marketing

Productivity & Collaboration

Infrastructure & Hosting

Tools & Utilities

Personal Setup

  • Computer (M1 Macbook Pro 14")
  • Browser (Arc)