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Run flutter local web server

  1. Install flutter
  2. In your terminal, run the following commands:
git clone YOUR_APP_NAME
  1. Run the local web server.
cd flutter
flutter run -d chrome --dart-define-from-file=env.json

The Supabase backend used is the same one as . See how to setup your own backend.

Flutter Project Structure

  • /flutter/android,ios,linux,macos,web,windows -> Directories containing native code
  • /flutter/lib
    • /flutter/lib/screens -> A container for components that is typically passed into the router
    • /flutter/lib/components -> Components that are contained within the screens
    • /flutter/lib/services -> Utility or state management classes are stored here
    • /flutter/lib/models -> Class or interface definitions that are passed around
  • /flutter/env.json -> Environment variables for production
  • /flutter/env.local.json -> Environment variables for local development
  • /flutter/ -> Script used for upgrading the app version

Do NOT put sensitive keys into env.json or env.local.json