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Setup remote repository

By the end of this setup you will have a repository that contains all your resources that will deploy.


This remote repository overwrites the content within the original repository and publishes it to Netlify. See the add-remote-repository.js script.

  1. Click Use this template in the resources repository. This is the repository where the contents of your blog and documentation will be updated.
  2. Go to Netlify > Site Configuration > Build hooks and create and copy a build hook
  3. In the cloned repository, create a secret called NETLIFY_BUILD_HOOK. Paste the build hook copied from the previous step.

This build hook keeps the production deployment updated with the most recent changes in the resources repository

  1. To finalize the connection go to Netlify > Site configuration > Environment variables and set the environemnt variable REMOTE_REPO_URL as the URL of your repository.
  2. Make a change your cloned Github repository and watch the changes propagate to your docusaurus website!

When running locally, set the REMOTE_REPO_URL to have your local changes be kept up to date