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Dev Agency Workflow

Below are step-by-step instructions on what to do when working with the client

1. Estimating Software Development Costs

2. Design

The way to do design is to use a component library either shadcn (for NextJS) or Material 3 (for Flutter) to create the design. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to to find design inspirations or go to competitors and figure out what they use OR go to and get design inspiration from there through a prompt
  2. Adapt UI from the competitor / v0 and craft a UI in code or within Figma. If you're creating make sure to use the design kits (material 3 , shadcn)
  3. Create the UI and iterate with the client and make sure they are happy with the UI. I think we should iterate on the UI in code rather than in

3. Functionality

  • Once the UI is finalized, we need to start developing the application and connecting the frontend code with the backend code.
  • If you haven't clone the startup-boilerplate template and build off of that. This will make it a lot easier to build an app and comes with a lot of the needed components.
  • More information is in the docs.

4. Iterate

  • After functionality is built out we iterate with the client and we try to keep the in the loop as long as possible as we build out everything.